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"I have worked with Raborn twice with great pleasure. His contributions have contributed greatly to the success of my documentaries. He is easy to work with, supremely talented and will work tirelessly to transfer the director's vision into a beautiful musical score. Would not hesitate to work with him again. In fact, I'm looking forward to it."

Gregory Lovett - Producer/Director 12th Street


"Raborn Johnson did the music for the trailer to my documentary, J.E.S.U.S.A. Not only was he quick and easy to work with, making minor adjustments when necessary, the final product was like the electricity that brought Frankenstein’s monster to life. His music underscored the key points and transitions and added a completely different dimension to the trailer, just like a good score should."

Kevin Miller - Producer/Director J.E.S.U.S.A.


"When working on a difficult subject matter like disability, the music has to be oh-so-right. Too indulging and you veer into manipulative / melodramatic territory. Too dry and it becomes soulless. Raborn Johnson was able to nail it to perfection on the first try for our documentary. What a talent! I absolutely look forward to our next collaboration.

Manfred Lopez Grem - Director My Fear


Raborn created the entire score for a documentary I produced and directed. He came up with something magical that really captured the tone of each scene and greatly enhanced the emotion and drama of the film. He proved to be a fast and independent worker, a stickler for important details and open to constructive criticism. His one - and only - goal was to deliver his best possible work for the project. I hope to work with him again and I would certainly recommend him to anyone."

Greg Lovett - Producer/Director Delay, Deny, Hope You Die


Raborn is a pleasure to work with. His ability to convey the perfect emotion even with the minimal amount of direction is a marvel. His communication throughout the production was impeccable. A super talented, professional composer. Highly recommended."

Marc Hamill - Producer/Director/Writer Standing At Dawn


"Raborn is a fantastic musician and very easy to get along with. He keeps you up to date on everything and gives you exactly what you want and more! As long as you give him the emotion you want from your film, he hit's it every time."

Mondo Singh - Director Legends of Kalmos